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Pack a Bag

Here is a list of things I have found useful to have along with you on your wedding day. Plan ahead and pack the bag before your wedding day, so you won't forget anything.

1) Snacks. Granola bars or the like. The time between the ceremony ending and the reception starting can cause hunger pains. Be sure to eat a good meal before the ceremony to prevent fainting.

2) Make up. Just a few small things for touch ups.

3) Stain stick. I have seen them do wonders, also if you get something on your dress and do not have a stain stick around, do not use white out! Instead dampen the spot with a touch of baby oil and feather on some baby powder. The oil will hold the powder in place and on most fabrics cleans right out after the wedding.

4) Pliers. Yes pliers. The little metal hooks on your bustle hold much better if squeezed together with a pair of pliers, works much better than biting them!

5) Bobby Pins. To fix any falling hair.

6) Hairspray. Not only to hold hair in place but to reduce static cling, aerosol works best.

7) Band-aids. For your little toes, or for that small cut on his hand you are worried will get blood on your dress!

8) Deodorant. Not only to keep you smelling nice! This stuff has many uses. It too is white and can cover a spot, at least temporarily. Put it on your feet in the morning and your shoes will take longer before hurting your feet. Rub it on a new mosquito bite and it will prevent the swelling and itching.

9) Flip flops. In case the deodorant and the band-aids don’t cut it!

10) Safety pins. You never know.

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CWC Productions has been offering both filming and photography in the Youngstown, Ohio area since 1997. We started out small, learning from the high school TV production class. I went on to graduate from the New York institute of Photography. Each year we grew in equipment, weddings, and crew experience.

Weddings are truly a passion for us, and we take great pride in making a finished product that we can be proud of and that you will be thrilled to show off. Thank you for considering CWC Productions when planning your big day!

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