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Wedding Guest Tips

I have been to hundreds of weddings. I have seen guests make the same mistakes over and over. This is a list of things that I have found to be inappropriate. Now each bride may have their own opinion, but in general here is a list of things to avoid on a wedding day.

1) Saying “Wow, he is shorter than the last guy”.

2) Letting your children eat over half the cookie table and then handing them the disposable camera that the couple will later have developed only to have 24 photos of people's behinds.

3) Wearing jeans. Really? That is the nicest outfit you have? The bride spent more on her dress than most of us do on a month’s house payment and you wear jeans?

4) Wearing a white dress. Only the bride gets to wear white, please pick something else, unless you are under 8 years old.

5) Saying ANYTHING when the priest asks for objections!

6) Getting trashed. Drunk is ok but know your limit and stay under it. I have seen people loose the cookies they ate, start fights and even assault me due to too much alcohol. Be responsible.

7) Saying “Beautiful dress, I’m surprised you went with white”

8) Coming late to the ceremony (because you needed a pedicure) and walking into the church between the maid of honor and the bride. Just wait outside until the bride is to the front of the church then sneak in the back.

9) Being selfish. It is not about you, at all. Yes the bride wants you there but do not come to her with your girlfriend/work/family problems on her wedding day. Do not take attention away from her by crying about your hair or announcing you’re pregnant. This is the couple’s one and only day to shine, let them!

10) Saying “Hmm, she doesn’t look pregnant to me”

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