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Why we use InstaProofs.

Instaproofs prints set the industry standard in quality. Images are professionally color-corrected by a trained technician and undergo a stringent quality assurance process to guarantee that the final product is remarkable. Our lab uses Kodak Professional Endura™ paper, which provides excellent color saturation for rich colors and exceptional tone reproduction. Endura offers state-of-the-art image stability (100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage; 1 to 5 years for commercial display). InstProofs uses top-of-the-line digital printers and image software to ensure the finest quality product.

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Other InstaProofs Q&A

When will my photos be available?

We try to have all images posted within a week of the date taken but always do within 2 weeks. If you are the owner of the event and it has been more than a week yet you are unable to access your photos please contact us. If you are not the owner of the event and are unable to sign up to be notified when the images are available, let us know, we will sort things out for you.

The wedding was a month ago but still no email from InstaProofs.

The owner of the event needs to release the photos so that the guests may see them. Contact the owner and request a release or contact us and we will talk to the bride for you.

I love my photos!! Now what?

All of our packages include 4 8x10s, 1 16x20 and an album. In order for us to know what you like you need to make a favorites folder by clicking on the star below the image. Try to get under 200 images in this folder so we can create an album just for you. Once the album is ready we will post it for your approval. At this point any changes can be made, once you approve the album we will have it printed. The same process applies for your prints, make two folders, one called 16x20 with one image in it and one called 8x10 with 4 images in it. Any additional prints can be ordered right off InstaProofs.

What about the other albums?

Some of our packages include parent albums. They will be printed with the same layout as approved for the main album. Up to 10 images can be swapped in each parent album for no additional charge. If you would like a completely different album for one of the parents there will be a $50 layout fee. If you would like an additional album, not included in your package please contact me directly. Albums are available from InstaProofs however, unlike the prints, I prefer to handle albums personally. We offer a much wider variety of sizes and prices than you will find on InstaProofs.

I'd rather order from you so you make a profit.

Although CWC pays to have your images posted on InstaProofs we also get paid when you order. You place the order with InstaProofs and pay them, they pay themselves to print the images and send the rest to CWC. Your pictures arrive in your mailbox without having to worry about any pickup or delivery.

My computer keeps freezing up while on InstaProofs.

For almost every wedding we have one guest that has trouble with the site (not bad odds really). If this guest happens to be you, try using Chrome instead of Internet explorer. To get Chrome go to and download it for free.

There was a problem with my order, what should I do?

In the years that CWC has been using InstaProofs we have only come across this issue once or twice. If you happen to be our third just call us and let us know. We'll review the request and expedite the replacement to you at no charge.

I am still having trouble with InstaProofs

Some of us are more computer savy than others. If you would like a step by step guide on how to navigate InstaProofs call the Customer Care team with any questions by dialing 877-277-5224, Monday through Friday from 6am to 5pm (PST), they are more than happy to help!

About CWC Productions

CWC Productions has been offering both filming and photography in the Youngstown, Ohio area since 1997. We started out small, learning from the high school TV production class. I went on to graduate from the New York institute of Photography. Each year we grew in equipment, weddings, and crew experience.

Weddings are truly a passion for us, and we take great pride in making a finished product that we can be proud of and that you will be thrilled to show off. Thank you for considering CWC Productions when planning your big day!

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