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Planning Your Wedding

I am not going to list everything you need to pick out, there are lists all over the internet telling you when you need to do what. I am more offering an insider's guide to making your wedding more photogenic.

First visualize a snapshot of your wedding… What do you see? A few close friends in a grassy area? A huge group of people partying to loud music? A calm crowd enjoying wine in a beautiful romantic setting?

Now plan accordingly. Pick a time of year that fits your snapshot, choose a location that fits your vision and your number of guests. Remember no matter what your budget is, enough research will turn up just the right venue for the right cost!

Once your location, date, and numbers are set the next three big things to worry about are your Filming and Photography crew and your DJ. Reason being is that they will get booked for the day. Your tux company will not tell you, sorry we already have a wedding that day we can’t help you, neither will your florist. However, a DJ company and a photography company may.

Once you have a place to get married, someone to officiate, a place to party, someone to lead that party and a crew to capture all of it you can move on to the details.

The next thing to do is to pick a theme. No, not every wedding has a theme, but it will help you to stay on track to having a beautifully photogenic wedding. Your theme can be anything from a color to a sports team, a favorite movie, a kind of flower, a holiday or season. Whatever your theme is, stick to it and it will make everything else fall into place much easier!

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About CWC Productions

CWC Productions has been offering both filming and photography in the Youngstown, Ohio area since 1997. We started out small, learning from the high school TV production class. I went on to graduate from the New York institute of Photography. Each year we grew in equipment, weddings, and crew experience.

Weddings are truly a passion for us, and we take great pride in making a finished product that we can be proud of and that you will be thrilled to show off. Thank you for considering CWC Productions when planning your big day!

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