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Abby Chandler

Abby opened CWC Productions while still in high school. She continues to run the company today. Abby has a passion for weddings. She will hear songs on the radio and picture how they will look in a wedding day music video. When she sees beautiful landscapes her brain superimposes a bridal couple in the foreground. The only thing that might tie with weddings is Abby’s love for children, you will notice in the sample photos the flower girls and ring bearers get a lot of attention!

Abby is married to John Chandler and they have four kids John, Luke, Clark, and Chloe. She enjoys scrapbooking photos of the kids and loves to take them on adventures to parks, museums, and swimming. She does volunteer work photographing infants who will not get to come home from the hospital with Olivia's Grace. Abby is very outgoing and fun loving. Keep an eye on her and you will be sure to catch her dancing at your wedding reception, camera in hand, loving her job!

Mike Williamson

Mike volunteers at Trinity playhouse, who have long considered CWC Productions to be their official film company for many years. Mike builds sets for the play house but has also spent many a play behind his still camera capturing moments for the cast. He is well rounded in the tech world as he also sets up giant LED screens for Multi Media Farms, runs audio for his church and helps kids grades K - 4 in the computer lab for Canfield local Schools. His one daughter, Aimee, is a teacher during the school year and spends her summers volunteering in 3rd world countries. We are happy to have Mike as part of our team.

Mike Tarantino

Mike is Abby’s father. He started her off in this career with many pieces of equipment as Christmas gifts. He has always been a part of CWC, encouraging, directing, financing, teaching, facilitating, photographing, filming and yes, even fighting. He has an amazing creative eye and likes to film without the tripod. His favorite part would probably be the formal slow dances. He loves to film them and always sneaks a hug to Abby right after the father daughter dance. Mike owns his own company called IM Image Marketing. He offers logo design, advertising design, photo retouching, DVD authoring, transfers, and web design as you see here! He is married and has another daughter along with five grandchildren who he loves to swim with!

John Chandler

John is Abby's husband and although his primary Saturday job is to stay home with their four children while Abby photographs, John does have the talent needed behind the camera and fills in wonderfully at a moments notice. John has an IT background and now owns his own business as well, Paladin Brewing. He is very supportive of Abby's business and speaks highly of her work any chance he gets.

Courtney Clark

Courtney's mom and Abby have known each other since Abby was 12. They have long considered each other family. Courtney is a very busy lady but when it works out, she loves to join the crew. She even dips her hand in photography. Courtney filmed her first job with us at only 13 years old and did an amazing job even then!

Sam Nicholson

We had the pleasure of meeting Sam through Courtney and she has become our go to for dance recitals. She loves watching them so filming them comes easily. Sam is very good with a steady reliable shot no matter what we are capturing. She is wonderful to be around and we are so happy she is on our team.

Amanda Paynter

Amanda is family and that's how she got her first chance at filming, but we keep calling her back because she is dependable and does a great job! Amanda keeps herself busy with volunteer work and is active in many areas at YSU.

About CWC Productions

CWC Productions has been offering both filming and photography in the Youngstown, Ohio area since 1997. We started out small, learning from the high school TV production class. I went on to graduate from the New York institute of Photography. Each year we grew in equipment, weddings, and crew experience.

Weddings are truly a passion for us, and we take great pride in making a finished product that we can be proud of and that you will be thrilled to show off. Thank you for considering CWC Productions when planning your big day!

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